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No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China
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  Product overview
  The 220kV oil-immersed power transformer is one of the main products in our company. It is the only core enterprise in Shandong to produce up to 必威手机官网 - 欢迎访问 planned by original Ministry of Machine-building Industry. 220kV transformers were produced from 1982. Just in 1991, passed identification organized by Ministry of Machinery and Electro & Energy, and became the sole enterprise in Shandong province. 180000kVA/220kV won third-class prize of Shandong Provincial Scientific and Technological Advances Award in 2002. SSZ11-180000kVA/220kV transformers smoothly passed the test of ‘Anti Sudden Short-circuit’, etc. in State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Shenyang. Our products are applied to several national key projects in Rizhao, Tazhou,Jiangxi province,etc.